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For International Students Ages 13 through 16


What is Te Atatū?

Te Atatū™ International Student Preparation Programme is an online preparatory programme for international students ages 13 through 16 who plan to or currently study in New Zealand high schools.

The programme prepares international students for study in New Zealand by familiarising them with the New Zealand teaching style and academic content, and by building an understanding of New Zealand's unique culture.

Highly experienced New Zealand teachers provide live lessons in Science, Social Studies and English, giving students a taste of real New Zealand classes. These lessons, with the accompanying tutorials, homework and academic support, build up students' academic foundations and English skills.


Te Atatū's experienced support team also helps prepare students and their families for the study abroad experience. Online orientation sessions cover topics such as New Zealand life and culture, homestays, introduction to New Zealand schools, and the New Zealand education system.

What is Te Atatū?

Real Student Experience